Create 3D models from your serial section images

Create 3D models from your serial section images BioVis3D is a software application for three-dimensional visualization and analysis, specifically designed for biologists who work with serial sections.

Typically, a BioVis3D user obtains a set of digital images of serial sections using any appropriate acquisition device such as optical or electronic microscopes and magnifying glasses.

BioVis3D offers the necessary tools to align sections spatially and detect contours of the objects of interest with a simple semi-automatic procedure.

From this information, BioVis3D builds three-dimensional models exportable to standard formats that can be included as pictures or videos in publications, congress presentations and web pages. BioVis3D also exports accurate quantitative information obtained from the reconstructed models to standard file formats.

BioVis3D provides three types of modeling features, each one designed for a specific structure, 3D surfaces modeling, spheres modeling and paths modeling, which can be combined as necessary in a reconstruction project.

Why a three-dimensional model?

  • It allows a better interpretation and analysis of complex structures.
  • It shows the spatial distribution and interaction of different objects.
  • It reveals morphological details such as inner and hidden structures.
  • It provides three-dimensional measurements such as volumes, surface areas, distances and angles, as well as spatial location of elements.
  • It simplifies the communication of the results of your research with intuitive pictures and videos.
BioVis3D Reconstruction   BioVis3D Reconstruction   BioVis3D Reconstruction   BioVis3D Reconstruction   BioVis3D Reconstruction