BioVis3D Viewer Version 3.1

The BioVis3D Viewer allows to:

  • Visualize, manipulate and analyze 3D models generated with BioVis3D. It has all the features of the 3D View of BioVis3D (except for the ones to edit slices).
  • Export images and VRML files of 3D scenes.
  • Record movies.
  • Take measures (segments and angles) and select points of interest in a 3D scene.
  • Annotate elements of the sequence (the sequence itself, objects, paths, dot sets), measures and points of interest.
  • Exchange annotations between BioVis3D Viewer and BioVis3D (export and import annotations).
  • Configure the 3D Model settings as required (the same ones are available in BioVis3D): Object rendering, Background color, Contour color, Contour radius, Enable X axis, Enable Y axis, Enable Z axis, Axes color.

The BioVis3D Viewer is intended for:

  • Sharing and exchanging 3D models with colleagues and collaborators.
  • Using 3D models for educational purposes, allowing students to interact with 3D models themselves.
  • Sharing and exchanging annotations with collaborators or students.

The BioVis3D Viewer is not intended for:

  • Building 3D models. They have to be built with BioVis3D and exported to BioVis3D Viewer.
  • Editing sequence properties.
  • Editing slices' information.