Slices alignment made easy

Slices alignment made easy With BioVis3D you can align sections spatially in seconds.

The alignment tools provide an efective mechanism to fix any displacement of the slices that may occur during the acquisition process.

Aligning Images

In general, due to the acquisition process, it may be necessary to correct small displacements among slices. BioVis3D offers the necessary tools to align sections spatially.

Slices can be translated, rotated and made semi-transparent to help with this registration process.

Object contours may remain visible during slice movement to make this task easier. Appropriate zoom factor can be applied as well.

The images of the sequence may be taken with different resolutions. BioVis3D handles multi-resolution images and shows a consistent view of the slices to the end user.

Do it yourself with BioVis3D

  1. Open the slice that needs to be relocated
  2. Select the Slice Alignment Tool
  3. Adjust the transparency level in order to view the slice below it and detect misalignments
  4. Move and rotate the slice using the mouse or the arrow keys
  5. Zoom in and out as desired for better detail