Add visibility to your research

Add visibility to your research With BioVis3D you can take your investigation beyond your lab boundaries.

Use BioVis3D to export your discoveries and create quality pictures and videos to include in your presentations and publications.

Export your work using standard formats

All three-dimensional scenes are exportable to standard formats that can be included as pictures or videos in publications, congress presentations and web pages.

The quantitative information obtained from the 3D models is exportable to a standard file format that can be opened with a scientific or spreadsheet software, or easy included in publications, presentations and web pages.

Do it yourself with BioVis3D

  1. Open the 3D View
  2. Show the 3D models of the objects that you wish to export
  3. Adjust the Transparency level of each object and slice models as desired
  4. Move and Rotate the model thus creating the 3D Scene
  5. Either export as an image or as VRML to create a cusomized video