BioVis3D Version 3.1

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License management
The BioVis3D user interface

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BioVis3D Version 3.1 - New features

Core functions

Creation of a new sequence
Alignment of slices
Identification of objects
3D Model View
Mosaic tool
Measuring functions
Add annotations
Export sequence information
Exchange 3D models and annotations

Object Explorer
Property Panel
Slice List Panel
Annotation Panel

Functions by category

Category functions
Add category 
Delete category
Rename category 

Contour functions 
Add contour
Delete contour
Rename contour 
Show and hide contours in a slice view
Automatic contour detection
Fit contour to image
Copy/Paste of contours
Expand to previous/next slice
Join Contours
Add node to a contour
Delete node from a contour
Move node of a contour
Move / resize contour
Select nodes
Compute the area delimited by a contour
Compute the perimeter of a contour
Close a contour
Change color
Select closest element
Show a contour in a 3D scene

Dot set functions 
Add dot set
Delete dot set
Rename dot set 
Show and hide dot sets in a slice view
Add dot to a dot set
Delete dot from a dot set
Move a dot of a dot set
Select nodes
Change color
Change diameter
Count dots
Select closest element
Show a dot set in a 3D scene

Objet functions 
Add object
Delete object
Rename object 
Expand to previous/next slice 
Change color
Change 3D smooth property
Compute the volume of an object
Compute the surface area of an object
Compute the area of an object intersected with a slice
Show an object in a 3D scene

Path functions 
Add path
Delete path
Rename path
Show and hide paths in a slice view

Change diameter
Change color
Add connected nodes
Create bifurcations
Add isolated node
Delete connection 
Extend to the previous/next slice
Delete a node from a path
Move a node of a path
Show a path in a 3D scene 

Sequence functions
Create sequence
Open sequence
Save sequence
Change the distance between consecutive slices
Change the pixel size
Export Sequence 
Export to BioVis3D Viewer
Import annotations

Slice functions 
Add slice
Delete slice
Move a slice to a different position in the sequence
Invert slices' positions
Open a slice for edition
Open previous/next slice
Change the size of the edition area of a slice
Alignment of slices
Transparency of slices
Translation of slices
Rotation of slices
Show a slice in a 3D scene 
Export slice to image

3D functions
3D View 

Mosaic functions 
Activate de Mosaic tool
Add an image to the mosaic 
Delete images from the mosaic
Resize the mosaic area 
Arrange images 
Align images 

Measuring functions 
Change the unit of measure
Volume of an object
Surface area of an object
Area of an object intersected with a slice
Perimeter of a contour
Area delimited by a contour
Path measurements
Segments in the 3D View
Angles in the 3D View
Segments in the Slice View