Measure your discoveries

Measure your discoveries With BioVis3D you can measure volumes, areas, perimeters, angles and distances.

This adds an extra dimension to your investigation providing not only morphological and structural data but also measurements that would let you track growth and evolution.

Quantify your model

Apart from providing morphological information, BioVis3D also offers measurements that add acuracy to your work.

These measurements include volumes and surface areas of three-dimensional objects, areas and perimeters in slices, distances, number of dots in a Dot Set, they spatial location, as well as segment lengths and angles in a path.

This information is provided for each object in the 3D model and for each slice.

All these measurements are presented in the unit of measure of the sequence.

This quantitative information is exported to a standard file format that can be opened with a scientific or spreadsheet software program.

Do it yourself with BioVis3D

  1. Open the desired slice or object
  2. Browse the Properties Panel for information about your selection
  3. Alternatively, export the sequence information