BioVis3D's new path modeling features

Create 3D models from your serial section imagesBioVis3D includes a tool designed to easily draw paths to reconstruct tree-like structures.

Once rendered in 3D, the path will appear as a tubular structure that resembles a tree.

This provides a very powerfull feature to model complex structures such as neurons and pathways.

Simply mark a few dots in your slides and BioVis3D will do the rest.

Notice that closed loops can also be modeled using this new feature thus extending the application field.

The result is a very intuitive 3D representation of your object that combined with all the capabilities of BioVis3D provide a different angle to your investigation.

Do it yourself with BioVis3D

  1. Open a slice that contains part of the path. Either the begining or the end of the path is a prefered starting point
  2. Select the Edit Path Tool
  3. Click on the slice to place the first node of the path
  4. Adjust the radius of the node if needed
  5. Continue drawing nodes along the path. These nodes connect to each other automatically
  6. Right-click to jump to the next or previous slice any time you need to do so
  7. Go back to an existing node and choose to create a branch anywhere you need to
  8. Adjust any nodes and connections if you need to do so