Simplify your model with punctual objects

Simplify your model with punctual objects With BioVis3D you can identify structures whose shape is not as relevant as its spacial location.
This helps you build multiple elements represented by spheres that can rapidly reconstruct a set of various structures with just one click.

BioVis3D calls these punctual objects Dot Sets.

Using Dot Sets

When the morphology of an object is not relevant, but so is its location, it can be marked as a sphere with a certain diameter and color.

This provides a simple and effective way to identify several objects whose quantity can then be used to estimate density and to have a visual representation of their location.

The number of dots in a Dot Set and the spatial location of each dot can be exported for further processing in a scientific or spreadsheet software program.

Do it yourself with BioVis3D

  1. Open a slice where the center of the object is located
  2. Define a New Dot Set
  3. Select the Contour Edition tool
  4. Define dots diameter and color for the new Dot Set
  5. Clic over the center of each dot you identify
  6. Use different Dot Sets for each structure type so you can then isolate them from each other