Contours made easy

Contours made easy With BioVis3D you can detect contours using a simple semi-automatic procedure.

You just roughly delimit the objects then BioVis3D completes the job detecting the exact contour greatly reducing your segmentation effort.

Detect objects of interest easily

The objects of interest can be detected with a simple semi-automatic procedure. The object is roughly delimited by the user and BioVis3D detects the exact contour applying a refinement algorithm.

The resulting contour can always be edited by the user if the final result must be adjusted. Both the automatic detection and the manual contour edition tools work with any zoom factor to adjust to the appropriate level of detail.

The contours can be easily expanded to adjacent slices making the contouring process effective and efficient.

Do it yourself with BioVis3D

  1. Open the desired slice
  2. Select Automatic contour detection tool
  3. Draw a stripe using the mouse along the contour
  4. BioVis3D adjusts the contour to the best fit within the region delimited by the stripe
  5. If necessary, the contour can then be manually adjusted
  6. Use Expand Object or Expand Contour functions